Khalda Petroleum

Northern Pipeline Compression Project
For Apache Khalda Corporation
Project Value £2,000,000

khala-logoThe Northern Compression Pipeline Project was a joint venture between Apache and Khalda Petroleum to increase the capacity of an existing gas pipeline in Eqypt. The client required the complete low voltage package to be completed within a fourteen week period and air freighted to Egypt in order to meet the existing site programmes.

Blackburn Starling proposed a programme that would enable the schedule of works to be completed within the client’s time constraints. This onerous timescale required weekly design review meetings with the customer in order to progress and approve the designs on an ongoing basis.

Two switchboards were required, the main switchboard rated at 5000A and an essential switchboard rated at 3200A, both powered by new diesel generators. The switchgear, based on an intelligent management system, incorporated communications between the air circuit breakers, protection relays and the four generator units. The design was further complicated as the site was required to operate in manual control whilst all of the generator elements were being commissioned, following this the system was set to automatic.

khalda-panel2The main switchboard comprised three 5000A bus-zones each with a 3200A incoming supply and a 5000A bus-coupler between each zone. There were also two 3200A feeders to the essential switchboard which had its own 3200A black start generator supply. All feeders and motor starters incorporated an intelligent management system which communicated via Modbus and Ethernet to a third party control system.

The scope of works also included the supply of two 110V battery charger systems, four generator cable interface cabinets – complete with the facility to mount differential current transformers – and the supply of 240mm2 cable for the interconnection to the generators.

khala-cargoThe system was designed so that normal operation would be for any two generators to be run in parallel. Should either of the service units require maintaining the third generator would be brought on line and paralleled to the system allowing maintenance to be undertaken on the disabled unit.

The initial project value was £1.6M and included the cost for packaging and air freight of the equipment by Boeing 747 to Egypt.

The scope of supply was extended to include the provision of onsite supervision for the installation and commissioning of the equipment. Blackburn Starling provided up to four Engineers at any one time to work with the local personnel during these final stages of the project. Various equipment upgrades and modification works were also undertaken whilst on site and the provision of two years operational spares were provided to the customer as requested.

The contract programme for the equipment to be designed, built, packaged and delivered within a fourteen week period was achieved on time and within budget.

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