Trade Memberships

Achilles UVDB LogoAchilles UVDB is a proven supplier pre-qualification system that enables the UK utilities sector to manage risk within the supply chain and comply with EU regulations. Being a member of Achilles UVDB provides Blackburn Starling with the opportunity to showcase the company’s capabilities to a wide range of contractors/end users throughout the utilities sectors and offers access to multiple contract opportunities by completing a single pre-qualification questionnaire.

326009 Achilles RISQS Stamps v5RISQS (Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) has been developed from the GB rail industry’s Link-up scheme and operates similarly to UVDB in supporting the UK rail industry’s supplier pre-qualification process. RISQS is used extensively by buyer organisations to manage risk and comply with legislation and is recognised as best practice in qualifying suppliers

FPAL LogoAchilles FPAL is a supply chain management organisation used by major buying organisations in the oil and gas industry sector. It uses Achilles proven supplier pre-qualification system to identify, pre-qualify and assess suppliers for tender opportunities and minimise risk. Blackburn Starling particularly benefits from the FPAL performance feedback, an industry standard tool to monitor customer satisfaction in accordance with ISO 9001 during or following a contract.

Achilles Verify LogoAchilles Verify provides organisations with a measure of demonstrable Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) capabilities and is applicable for contracts of high operational risk. Blackburn Starling’s UVDB Verify accreditation provides assurances to existing and potential customers that we have effective systems in place for Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality Management.

Water Industry Forum Logo

The Water Industry Form is an independent, non-profit business forum that brings together UK water companies, their suppliers and other stake holders in the UK water sector to tackle the challenges faced by the industry. As a major supplier to the UK water sector, Blackburn Starling’s membership is invaluable in terms of strategic planning for the business and gaining an insight into the specific needs of water companies, their tier 1 framework partners and other key stakeholders within the industry.

Pump Centre LogoBlackburn Starling is a member of the Pump Centre, an organisation that provides its members with a range of services associated with pumps, pump systems and related plant and equipment across a diverse range of industry sectors. Benefits to Blackburn Starling include access to technical information, participation in development projects, open forums for the exchange of ideas, networking, and access to specialist problem solving expertise.

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