slider-hydro-shutterstock_92017679Blackburn Starling offers an unrivalled combination of experience and capability and has a wealth of experience in the water industry having supplied products and services to the sector, both in the UK and overseas, for more than 50 years.  As an approved / framework supplier to most of the UK water companies Blackburn Starling boasts an enviable reputation for quality and reliability.  By constantlyquestioning and improving both technical aspects of its products as well as reviewing the organisation’s key performance drivers the company has remained at the forefront of its field for decades in this particular sector.

Blackburn Starling has been involved in a number of key milestones in the development of motor control centres in the UK including developing the first intelligent control system for two of the major water utilities.  When United Utilities developed their Ingleton siteas a pilot for a low-cost, high-value solution based upon an “integrated intelligent system”, Blackburn Starling were selected to manufacture the intelligent motor control centre and associated PLC control system.   This new simplified control system with additional facilities and monitoring proved to be a huge success and today the majority of motor control centres manufactured for United Utilities are intelligent systems.

slider-sewage-Fotolia_46087012_SBlackburn Starling has provided products and solutions on every process or system known within the water industry and has been at the forefront of some of the very latest processes and technology.  In collaboration with a major UK water organisationthe company has designed / developed a hybrid panel to cater for the specific needs of chemical dosing schemes. The needs of the end user required the panels to have a smaller footprint and did not need to follow the full Standard Engineering Specifications. The HDHC busbars were replaced with a fuse protected cable system and intelligent motor start equipment enabled a more compact physical panel arrangement incorporating up to 5 starters and a PLC control section in a form 4 type 3 construction.

Blackburn Starling presently has a number of Preferred Supplier Agreements and is presently on 6 Framework Agreements (5 of which are relating to water utility).

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