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Case Study - Blackburn Meadows Renewable Energy

Blackburn Meadows Renewable CHP Plant for E-ON - Project Value £800,000


Blackburn Meadows is a biomass facility situated approximately 5 miles north east of Sheffield.  The 30MW renewable energy plant produces power for around 40,000 homes by converting locally sourced recycled waste wood into electricity.  It also uses combined heat and power, a more efficient process that allows low grade heat to be captured when electricity is generated.  This heat, which would normally have been wasted, now supplies hot water to a new £20M low-carbon local district heating scheme and heat directly to homes and businesses in the area.

Capula was awarded the contract for the full supply of electrical systems by ANDRITZ Energy & Environment (AEE) were selected By E-ON as the Boiler Island Contractor. Blackburn Starling has a long standing partnering history with Capula and was delighted to be awarded the contract for the supply of the low voltage switchboards.

Blackburn Starling designed and manufactured a range of withdrawable LV switchboards and motor control centres at 690 / 400V for the Boiler Island Scheme.  The main 4000A 400V switchboard was arranged front to front with an overhead bus duct connection ensuring a fully fault rated 80kA, 1s, bus system.  The system utilised intelligent motor control equipment – Simocode Pro V integrated with the building DCS system.

The company’s scope also included UPS switchboards and SIL2 shutdown facilities. The equipment was installed and commissioned by Blackburn Starling in conjunction with the contractors and E-ON.

Blackburn Starling is committed to protecting the environment in relation to the company’s scope of supply and was therefore delighted to be involved in this huge renewable energy project. The plant will displace emissions of around 80,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, the equivalent of taking more than 20,000 cars off the road, by burning carbon neutral fuel in place of traditional fossil fuels. Blackburn Meadows is the third biomass plant in E.ON UK’s generation portfolio, helping to reduce the impact energy generation has on the environment and ensuring future security of supply for the UK.

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